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Currently, the exhibition of 'De puentes y viaductos' is taking place at the Juan Manuel Lumbreras gallery in Bilbao. It will conclude on February the 23rd. You are all invited!
See The Catalogue Here


Resistence, 2019-22
Of Bridges and Viaducts, 2017-22
Pools of Oblivion, 2019
Wonders Of Nature, 2017-18
Waves Champions, 2017
It's A Still Life, 2016
Scenes From New York, 2011-
In Connie Island, 2014-16
High Solitudes, 2016
Salty Reflections, 2016
Stories From Calcuta, 2016
Cargo, 2016
Lands, 2011-14
Release?, 2013-2016

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