Wonders of nature

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It's a limited world. Not only have we reached all its corners, but we also do so with ease. Thus, hordes of us head towards nature in the most remote places, turning it into an object of consumption. No more virgin spaces, no place to be with oneself or to hide, no more immensity... This is a significant effect of overpopulation and technological progress. Even the most secluded and hitherto inaccessible places are becoming our backyard.

Photography, with its fragmentary nature, can still depict pristine and endless landscapes. But it's all a trick, a deception. The photographic language is adept at promising reality and delivering fiction or even lies. To this end, framing, such a basic and inherent element of the medium, is a very effective tool.

This project is both a celebration of the beauty of the natural world and an elegy for the loss of its essence.