As a visual artist I aim to create powerful images and series of them and to progress on that pursuit. To that end I devote my days to produce many images in a deliberate manner, to try to arise creative actions within myself and to ruminate about it all.

My work leads me to different conclusions and results. When I look back I doubt that I am plotting a consistent line. Probably not. This makes me think. We long for consistency because it gives us confort but I do not see the world, life, human beings, are consistent…

I am very much interested in photography’s fragmentary character in spatial and temporal terms. It gives me the chance to “catch a slice” from reality at a given point in space and time and reproduce it at will. And thus show what I want in the way I want to do it. Because even though we are inclined to believe that photography reproduces reality in a faithful but limited way, that’s a fallacy in most instances.

All told, I take advantage of this medium to express some of my concerns and also to show some of its language’s traits. At the same time I pursue beauty, which I deem desirable by itself.

What’s the viewer’s role in all this? I wish that upon looking at my work she interprets it as she sees fit which, on the other hand is bound to happen. And if she feels compelled to return to it, to rethink and look again at it, as is often my experience, I will have established a connection very valuable to me.

Cano Erhardt