of bridges and viaducts

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For many years now, I have been fascinated by the bridges and viaducts I cross or see in the distance on my travels. Their interplay with voids; their sculptural shapes; their leaden yet weightless presence; their gigantism, in most cases. These and other qualities both fascinated and continue to fascinate me.

I am also drawn to the relationships they maintain with the landscape. They are a foreign element to it, yet, on the other hand, they integrate into and complement it. Some frame it, reminding me of a theatrical stage. In others, their pillars rise from nature like slender monsters.

As much or more than all of the above, I am inspired by the function they serve, facilitating travel and ultimately bringing people closer. So, I started photographing them, and what is seen here is just a selection of what has been achieved so far. I intend to continue this challenging relationship with them.

And I say challenging because, for the most part, they are elusive, not allowing themselves to be photographed as I would like. I must express here my admiration and gratitude to the designers, engineers, and all those who participated directly or indirectly in their construction. After all, this exhibit is just the translation of my perspective on their creations.