It's a Still Life

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I must admit that when I took these shots, my vision was different from what I ultimately adopted. The human presence was much more significant, and there were no abstract elements. Later, I saw them differently, and that made me change my approach. Once again, my photographic work has been conditioned by random factors, and as such, unpredictable. I really enjoy when that happens!

"It’s a still life" means "it's a still life." But literally, it could mean "it's a life that's stopped." The title has that ambivalence, as it also refers to how these tasks have been performed by men and women for centuries under the same harsh and unhealthy conditions. Nothing has changed, no improvement or progress...

Each image in the series stands on its own. However, displaying them as a polyptych creates a separate entity whose resonances vary substantially depending on the distance from which it is viewed. I include in this portfolio a representation of the said polyptych, which consists of the entire series arranged in a deliberate manner.